It is normal to be feeling a bunch of emotions while starting to work out, and it is natural to be nervous. But starting something new can also be confusing at times. But when it comes to working out and building a strength training routine, it is best that you start from the beginning. A simple strength training workout will help you build a good base, and then you can jump off that and increase the intensity of your strength training.

While performing strength training begins by using your body weights and then moving on to adding resistance in the form of weights like barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells, and make the routine more challenging.

Below are some strength training exercises that are excellent for beginners.

Table Of Contents

  • Chest Press.
  • Romanian Deadlifts.
  • Dumbbell Row With One Arm.
  • Triceps Extension.
  • Kettlebell Goblet Squat.
  • Planks.

Chest Press

The chest is one of the largest upper body muscles, and the chest press is the most important workout routine for maintaining your upper body. This workout routine follows a compound movement pattern, which means you also work on your deltoids and triceps while performing this exercise. 

It is an easy exercise to perform. You lie on a bench, and elbows must be bent out to sides at a right angle, straighten arms up and return them back to your chest. Always keep your weight centered above the middle of your chest. Make sure that you only use weights that you are capable of handling and don’t put a lot of strain on your shoulders.

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Romanian Deadlifts

The deadlift is an exercise that targets your hamstring, and it works on your glutes and core. You can perform deadlifts with both weights and without them as well. With your feet hip-width apart, hinge forward at your hips and bend your knees slightly as you push your way back. Keep back as you slowly lower your arms towards the floor until you feel something in the hamstring. 

The Romanian deadlift is a great exercise, to begin with, and it is a bit different from the traditional deadlift. In a traditional deadlift, you pick up your weights by bending the knees completely while in the Romanian deadlift you bend your knees slightly. This slight bend helps you to keep the focus on hip-hinge movement. 

Dumbbell Row With One Arm

The One-Arm Dumbbell row is a simple and great compound upper-body workout, which helps you target lats, upper back, traps, and your biceps and shoulder assist you throughout the routine.  You must stand with your legs hip-width apart and place one hand on the workout bench. The other arm must contain a weight below the shoulder, and draw the weight towards the ribs and lower it. Keep your back flat while standing with a 45-degree bend at the hips. You can even stand during the exercise since it will help you work your core as well. There should be no momentum or swinging of the dumbbell.

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Triceps Extension

The triceps extension is an isolation routine. You stand with your legs apart, lean forward with elbows bent 90 degrees at your sides, and straighten the arms behind you. This is similar to the biceps curl, and your elbow should be the only thing moving and that too is just to straighten your arm, squeezing your triceps at the peak, and then return back to the original position.

Kettlebell Goblet Squat

A squat is a routine that helps you develop your lower body and glutes. You must grab a kettlebell, stand with your feet slightly wider than your hip, with the toes pointed slightly out. Hold the kettlebell by the horn, and the right side must be facing towards you. Pin the elbows to your rib cage and balance the weight just below your chin. 

Keep your arms close to your chest and the elbows must be pointing down, bend the hips and knees to lower your body to the maximum for a duration of three seconds. This exercise will help put pressure on your glutes, legs, and heels.

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No workout is complete without a little core action, and Plank is a move if done correctly offers high returns. Plank is simple to perform, but some points should be kept in mind before you begin this routine. Most people let their core muscles extend towards the floor or the mat, or even raise their bottom, which is not advisable. To receive the most out of this exercise you must consider that the muscle facing the floor is the one getting the workout. Your wrists and forearms should lay flat on the floor and you should be on the balls of your feet. 


These strength training exercises will help conquer the workout with ease. It might be difficult while you begin but once you get the hang of it, things will start getting easier. Try exploring different techniques and you will find what works for you. It’s easier to get into shape while you are having fun, and you can take a look at the On The Go strength training equipment to help you get into shape.