Mobility gives you the ability to access the full range of motion in your joints and muscles, which is the most important aspect of fitness. Improving your mobility will not only help you enhance your exercise experience but also will help in preventing future injuries and joint pain. A lot of us might think that mobility is the same as flexibility, but in all reality, they are pretty different from each other. Mobility allows us to move our muscles in multiple ways but flexibility allows us to lengthen our muscles. Continue reading this article to learn more about multiple mobility exercises that will help boost your fitness and make it easier for you to move while working out.

Table of Contents

  • Benefits Of Mobility Exercises.
  • Arm Swings.
  • Walking Hip Openers.
  • High-To-Low Rows.
  • Thoracic Spine Windmills. 

Benefits Of Mobility Exercises

Performing mobility exercises five to six times a week will help improve your functioning and flexibility. A common misconception is that stretching only helps before an exercise session and is a great way to warm up yourself, but the truth is that these stretches can be performed anytime during the day. By doing these mobility exercises you will discover that your muscles, tendons, and ligaments quickly begin to adapt and allow flexibility. Here are some mobility exercises that will help improve your performance and flexibility.

4 Best Mobility Exercises

Arm Swings

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The standing arm swings are an excellent exercise to increase blood flow to your shoulder. People generally do this workout as a part of their warm-up routine, before performing any upper body exercises.  It helps improve the flexibility and mobility of your shoulders and upper back. 


You must stand tall with your arms at your sides. Try engaging your core and swing your arms until they are as high as you can go, and make sure your shoulders don’t raise. Return your arms to the initial position and repeat the routine. Continue doing this movement for a couple of minutes.

Walking Hip Openers

It's necessary to warm up your hips before performing any workout as hips are key contributors to balance and stability. This routine will help work your hip flexors, hip extensions, glutes, and hip adductors. 


Begin by standing tall with your feet apart and make sure that your feet are planted firmly on the ground. Then lift your left knee and make sure it reaches the height of your chest. Make a circle with your left knee by bringing it up, across your body, and out to the side, and then put it down. Follow the same routine for your right leg. You can also change the sequence by rotating your legs in the opposite direction. 

High-To-Low Rows

High to low Row | Lennon Fitness

The high-to-low rows challenge your thoracic muscles,  upper back and provide a lot of shoulder joint stability. Tie the resistance band to an immovable object above the height of your shoulder. Further,  kneel on one knee and grab the band with your other hand. Try pulling the band towards your chest while keeping your arm straight.  Squeeze the blades of your shoulders together. You can do the same routine with your other hand too. Complete at least 2 sets of 15 repetitions on each side.

Thoracic Spine Windmills

T-Spine Rotation with Reach | Functional Movement Systems

The thoracic spine is positioned in the middle of your back and ranges from the base of your neck to the base of your rib cage. If your thoracic spine is mobile then you can move your arms freely in any direction. Poor mobility can lead to multiple shoulder problems, poor posture, and pain in the upper back. You can perform this exercise with the help of a towel. 


Lie on the floor on your side and bend your hips and knees just past 90 degrees. Put your bottom portion of your leg in a straight posture and then position your top leg on a towel without changing your position. Extend both your arms along the floor in front of your body. Make sure that your palms are stacked together and at shoulder height. Now slowly lift the top arm and rotate it away from you, and open your chest to the ceiling. Rotate your trunk until your hand is on the other side of your body.  Hold this position for 3 seconds and slowly bring it back to touch your other hand. Repeat this routine 5 times on each side.


Mobility workouts and stretching are often seen as unnecessary exercises and are not taken as seriously as a cardio or weightlifting routine, but mobility exercises are important if you want to perform your workout routines to the best level. Try to get at least 30 to 40 minutes of mobility exercises each week, and we at OTG Fitness are here to help you achieve the best mobility workout possible. Our mobility training equipment will help you achieve the best and results and help create a better you.